Downloading and Installing Additional Plugins

Having trouble integrating those %@#&$^! plugins?


Yes, we know, plugins were supposed to resolve all the problems for those who were not hard core programmers. so here is a step-by-step plugin for dummies tutorial:

These instructions are geared toward a Windows user compiling the plugins. If you are using Linux, please note that the procedure is similar, but where we refer to Windows batch file, you will need to use the equivalent Unix shell script.

There are three ways to download a plugin:


Downloading the plugins is a simple task to perform:



If you download the script from the forum, the file will either be in the zip format, or in a plain text format.



So, you now have the plugin you wish to implement on your server in the scripting\myscripts folder. Go to that folder and double click on the compile_all.bat file. (Only files that start with "plugin_" and end in a .sma entension will be compiled automatically.)


Your scripts will be "translated," or "compiled" into a file that the program can understand. These compiled files will be placed in the Adminmod\scripting\mybinaries folder automatically by the compile_all program. You will notice that the extensions of your compiled scripts will be different. They no longer end with ".sma" but with ".amx" instead. That is how you know it is a compiled plugin.



The last step in integrating the files is adding their locations in the plugin.ini file. This file was created when you installed Admin Mod 2.5.



At the end of the file, add an entry in this format:




For example, if I downloaded the plugin_coffee.sma file, the compiled file would be plugin_coffee.amx. To add that file to your plugin.ini, simply add this to the last line in the file:




Now you can fire up your server, and try the new plugin. You must restart your server or change maps for new plugins to take effect.