Admin Mod Commands

Admin Mod Commands

Note: This list of commands includes all the commands that are provided with Admin Mod "out of the box." It does not include any commands that are created by the use of additional plugins. Please see the new plugin's documentation and/or admin_help for assistance with any additional plugins you add to your server's setup.


Console Commands

Built In Commands

CommandAccess LevelDescirption
admin_help-Prsents a help listing. It can be used to display a list of all command using index numbers or used with command names to provide help with a particular function.
admin_version-Presents Admin Mod version information and a list of the loaded plugins.
admin_status-Echos the access level of the calling user to the console.
admin_login-Allows users to provide Admin Mod with their password so they can be granted access
admin_password-identical to admin_login
admin_command-Allows the use of Admin mod commands from the server console, see this HowTo for details.
admin_cmd-Shotened version of admin_command.

Admin Base Plugin

CommandAccess LevelDescirption
admin_abort_vote2admin_abort_vote: Aborts a vote in progress.
admin_ban256admin_ban <target or WONID or IP> [<minutes>] ['ip']: Bans target. 0 minutes is a permanent ban.
admin_banip256admin_banip <target or WONID or IP> [<minutes>]: Bans targets ip address. 0 minutes is a permanent ban.
admin_cfg512admin_cfg <config file>: Executes config file on server.
admin_chat64admin_chat <msg>: Shows message only to other admins.
admin_csay64admin_csay [color] <msg>: Shows message in center of screen.
admin_dmesg512admin_dmesg <idtype> <userid> <message>: Direct message
admin_fraglimit2admin_fraglimit <fraglimit>: Sets the mp_fraglimit cvar.
admin_friendlyfire32admin_friendlyfire <friendlyfire>: Sets the mp_friendlyfire cvar.
admin_gravity32admin_gravity <gravity>: Sets the sv_gravity cvar.
admin_hostname512admin_hostname <name>: Sets the hostname cvar.
admin_kick128admin_kick <target> [<reason>]: Kicks target.
admin_listmaps0admin_listmaps: Shows maps in mapcycle.
admin_map2admin_map <map>: Changes map.
admin_nextmap0admin_nextmap: Shows next map in cycle.
admin_nopass16admin_nopass: Clears the server's password.
admin_pass16admin_pass <password>: Sets the server's password.
admin_pause8admin_pause: Sets the pausable cvar to 1.
admin_psay64admin_psay <target> <msg>: Sends a private msg to target.
admin_rcon65536admin_rcon <cmd>: Executes rcon command.
admin_reload4admin_reload: Reloads Admin Mod files.
admin_say64admin_say <msg>: Shows a message from you as admin.
admin_servercfg512admin_servercfg <config file>: Sets the config file as the server's default.
admin_ssay64admin_ssay <msg>: Shows a message admin without identification.
admin_teamplay32admin_teamplay <teamplay>: Sets the mp_teamplay cvar.
admin_timeleft0admin_timeleft: Shows the time left.
admin_timelimit2admin_timelimit <timelimit>: Sets the mp_timelimit cvar.
admin_tsay64admin_tsay [color] <msg>: Prints msg on lower left of screen.
admin_unban256admin_unban <WONID or IP>: Unbans target.
admin_unpause8admin_unpause: Sets the pausable cvar to 0.
admin_userlist0admin_userlist [<name>]: Shows a list of users.
admin_vote_kick1admin_vote_kick <target>: Starts a vote to kick target.
admin_vote_map1admin_vote_map <map>: Starts a vote to change the map.
admin_vsay64admin_vsay <question>: Presents question as a vote.

Admin Retribution Plugin

CommandAccess LevelDescirption
admin_bury8192admin_bury <target>: Bury target in the ground.
admin_execall65536admin_execall <command>: Force everyone to execute command.
admin_execclient65536admin_execclient <target> <command>: Force target to execute command.
admin_execteam65536admin_execteam <team> <command>: Force everyone on team to execute command.
admin_gag2048admin_gag <target> [<minutes>]: Gag target. 0 minutes is a permanent gag.
admin_llama8192admin_llama <target>: Llama-fy target.
admin_slap128admin_slap <target>: Slaps target.
admin_slay128admin_slay <target>: Slays target.
admin_slayteam128admin_slayteam <team>: Slays everyone on team.
admin_unbury8192admin_unbury <target>: un-Bury target from the ground.
admin_ungag2048admin_ungag <target>: Ungag target.
admin_unllama8192admin_unllama <target>: Unllama-fy target.

Admin hlds_ld-style Map Vote Plugin

CommandAccess LevelDescirption
admin_cancelvote2admin_cancelvote: Cancels the current hlds_ld vote.
admin_denymap2admin_denymap <map>: Removes all votes for map.
admin_startvote1admin_startvote: Starts an hlds_ld vote.

Fun Plugin

CommandAccess LevelDescirption
admin_disco8192admin_disco: Starts disco fever. Fun mode only.
admin_fun8192admin_fun <^"on^" | ^"off^">: Turns fun mode on or off.
admin_glow8192admin_glow <color | ^"off^">: Causes you to glow that color.

Admin Cheating Plugin

CommandAccess LevelDescirption
admin_godmode8192admin_godmode <target> <^"on^" | ^"off^">: Sets godmode on target.
admin_noclip8192admin_noclip <target> <^"on^" | ^"off^">: Sets noclip on target.
admin_stack8192admin_stack: Will stack everyone on top of you.
admin_teleport8192admin_teleport <target> <X> <Y> <Z>: Teleports target to the given coordinates. See admin_userorigin.
admin_userorigin8192admin_userorigin <target>: Returns the X, Y, Z coordinates of target.

Admin Chat Plugin

CommandAccess LevelDescirption
admin_messagemode0admin_messagemode <command>: Will treat 'say' as command.
admin_nomessagemode0admin_nomessagemode: Will treat 'say' as 'say'.

Admin Counterstrike Plugin

CommandAccess LevelDescirption
admin_autokick0 and 512admin_autokick: [<1 or 0>]: mp_autokick on or off. Level 512 is needed to make changes.
admin_autoteambalance0 and 512admin_autoteambalance: [<#>]: setting for mp_autoteambalance. Level 512 is needed to make changes.
admin_buytime0 and 512admin_buytime: [<#>]: setting for mp_buytime. Level 512 is needed to make changes.
admin_c4timer0 and 512admin_c4timer: [<#>]: setting for mp_c4timer. Level 512 is needed to make changes.
admin_chattime0 and 512admin_chattime: [<#>]: setting for mp_chattime. Level 512 is needed to make changes.
admin_consistency0 and 512admin_consistency: [<#>]: setting for mp_consistency. Level 512 is needed to make changes.
admin_ct128admin_ct <target>: Changes target to the counter-terrorist team.
admin_fadetoblack0 and 512admin_fadetoblack: [<1 or 0>]: mp_fadetoblack on or off. Level 512 is needed to make changes.
admin_flashlight0 and 512admin_flashlight: [<1 or 0>]: mp_flashlight on or off. Level 512 is needed to make changes.
admin_footsteps0 and 512admin_footsteps: [<1 or 0>]: mp_footsteps on or off. Level 512 is needed to make changes.
admin_forcecamera0 and 512admin_forcecamera: [<#>]: setting for mp_forcecamera. Level 512 is needed to make changes.
admin_forcechasecam0 and 512admin_forcechasecam: [<#>]: setting for mp_forcechasecam. Level 512 is needed to make changes.
admin_freezetime0 and 512admin_freezetime: [<#>]: setting for mp_freezetime. Level 512 is needed to make changes.
admin_ghostfrequency0 and 512admin_ghostfrequency: [<#>]: setting for mp_ghostfrequency. Level 512 is needed to make changes.
admin_hpenalty0 and 512admin_hpenalty: [<#>]: setting for mp_hostagepenalty. Level 512 is needed to make changes.
admin_limitteams0 and 512admin_limitteams: [<1 or 0>]: mp_limitteams on or off. Level 512 is needed to make changes.
admin_kickpercent0 and 512admin_kickpercent: [<#>]: setting for mp_kickpercent. Level 512 is needed to make changes.
admin_maxrounds0 and 512admin_maxrounds: [<#>]: setting for mp_maxrounds. Level 512 is needed to make changes.
admin_mapvoteratio0 and 512admin_mapvoteratio: [<#>]: setting for mp_mapvoteratio. Level 512 is needed to make changes.
admin_playerid0 and 512admin_playerid: [<#>]: setting for mp_playerid. Level 512 is needed to make changes.
admin_restartround2admin_restartround : Restarts the round.
admin_restart2admin_restart : Restarts the round. Alias for admin_restartround.
admin_restrict0,32 and 512admin_restrict: Views / Configures / Saves weapon restrictions. Anyone can view the restrictions, level 32 is needed to change them, and level 512 to save the changes so they become permanent for the server. Run "admin_restrict help" for details
admin_restrictmenu32admin_restrictmenu: Change weapon restirctions via a menu. Requires menus to be enabled.
admin_roundtime0 and 512admin_roundtime: [<#>]: setting for mp_roundtime. Level 512 is needed to make changes.
admin_startmoney0 and 512admin_startmoney: [<800/16000>]: setting for mp_startmoney. Level 512 is needed to make changes.
admin_t128admin_t <target>: Changes target to the terrorist team.
admin_tkpunish0 and 512admin_tkpunish: [<1 or 0>]: mp_tkpunish on or off. Level 512 is needed to make changes.
admin_unrestrict32admin_unrestrict: Remove weapon restirctions. Run "admin_unrestrict help" for details.
admin_vote_restart1admin_vote_restart: Starts a vote to restart the round.
admin_winlimit0 and 512admin_winlimit: [<#>]: setting for mp_winlimit. Level 512 is needed to make changes.

Admin TFC Plugin

CommandAccess LevelDescirption
admin_balance32admin_balance <^"on^" | ^"off^">: Sets the forced team balancing.
admin_blue8192admin_blue <target>: Changes target to the blue team.
admin_green8192admin_green <target>: Changes target to the green team.
admin_prematch4admin_prematch <prematch>: Sets the tfc_clanbattle_prematch cvar.
admin_red8192admin_red <target>: Changes target to the red team.
admin_yellow8192admin_yellow <target>: Changes target to the yellow team.

Chat commands

Admin hlds_ld-style Map Vote Plugin

CommandAccess LevelDescirption
cancelvote2say cancelvote: Cancels the current hlds_ld vote.
denymap2say denymap <map>: Removes all votes for map.
mapvote1say mapvote: Starts an hlds_ld vote.
rockthevote1say rockthevote: Starts an hlds_ld vote.
vote1say vote <map>: Places a vote for the map.

Fun Plugins

CommandAccess LevelDescirption
currentmap0say currentmap: Will respond with the current map's name.
nextmap0say nextmap: Will respond with the next map in the cycle.
timeleft0say timeleft: Will respond with the time left.
glow0say glow <color | ^"off^">: Causes you to glow that color. Fun mode only.