Admin Mod v2.50.60 Documentation and Online Help
Before You Start
       License and Copyright Information
       What this manual covers and who it's intended for
       Introductory Information
About Admin Mod
       Introducing Admin Mod
       What Can Admin Mod do?
       What's New in this version?
       Default Windows Installation of Admin Mod
       Extracting Admin Mod the Right Way
       Running the Windows Installation Script
       Manual Installation - Walk-Through
       Linux Installation Information
       1st Time Linux Install
       Linux Upgrade Install
       Uninstalling Admin Mod
       Running the Windows Uninstallation Script
       Manual Uninstallation - Walk-Through
       The Admin Mod Configuration Files
       Setting up server.cfg and the *.ini files
       Setting up your server.cfg file
       Setting up your users.ini file
       Setting up your plugin.ini file
       Setting up your ips.ini file
       Setting up your maps.ini file
       Setting up your models.ini file
       Using Bots with Admin Mod
       Encrypted Passwords
       MySQL Setup
Setting up Clients to Use Admin Mod
       Required Client Configuration Instructions
Admin Mod Plugins
       The Admin Mod Default Plugins
       Downloading and Installing Additional Plugins
Scripting Basics
       A Beginner's Guide to Scripting
       Compiling Admin Mod Scripts 101
       Compiling by hand
How To ...
       Check If Admin Mod is Loaded
       Check Which Plugins Are Loaded
       Force Admin Mod To Load When The Map Starts
       Use Admin Mod Commands On Dedicated Servers
       Use Weapon Restrictions
Admin Mod Reference
       Materials for reference when installing, configuring and using Admin Mod
       Admin Mod Commands
       Admin Mod Configuration Variables (CVARs)
       Access Levels
       Contractions Abbreviations and Acronyms
       M00's Guide to server access
       Half Life Sounds
       Change Log - Plugins
       Change Log - DLL
       Error Codes
Admin Etc
       Admin Epilog - The Crew
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Where to Go for Help