Manual Installation - Walk-Through

Note:This portion of the guide discusses a manual installation of Admin Mod, and is not recommended for people who do not have a clear understanding of directory structures, file editing, etc. For a script-based, more automated installation, please read the Running the Windows Installation Script section. However, no matter what type of installation you are undertaking, there is a lot of good information to learn from here, so be sure to read it at some point in time, even if you do script-based installation.


Note:For Linux users, the installation process is identical to the one described below, except for the .dll files. When reading, mentally replace '.dll' with ''. This means that 'metamod.dll' corresponds to ''. Furthermore, slashes must be inverted when discussing file paths.


This walkthrough will leave you with a fully functional default installation of Admin Mod. It does not cover adding users or plugins to your server.


  1. Stop What you are doing

    If your server is running stop it. Atempting to install Admin Mod with the server running is a bad idea.


  2. Unpack/unzip the file you downloaded.

    Make sure to allow the directory structure in the ZIP file to be recreated when the files are unzipped. If you are using WinZip, you should make sure the box labeled "Use folder names" is checked before you extract the files from the zip archive. There should also be a way to specify this in any other archive program you may use.


    We will refer to the location where you have unpacked/unzipped Admin Mod as the "Admin Mod Directory" (<AM>)


  3. Find your Half-Life Installation.

    Where do you want to install Admin Mod to? First find the folder where you installed Half-Life or Counter-Strike. In this folder there should be one or more executable files with the Half-life or Counter-Strike icon, as well as the files hl.exe hlds.exe OR cstrike.exe if you have the Counter-Strike Retail version of Half-Life. This folder will be refered to as the Half-Life folder (<HL>).


  4. Find your Mod Directory.

    In the Half-Life folder there are a set of folders, such as tfc, dmc and Ricochet and you may have others. Many of these folders will have a game modification in them. For example cstrike is the Counter-Strike mod folder and dod is the Day Of Defeat Mod folder.


    You need to find the folder of the mod for which you want to install Admin Mod. If I wanted to install Admin Mod for Counter-Strike, my mod folder would be cstrike, if i wanted to install for Science and Industry Mod, the mod folder would be si. This is refered to as the "Mod Directory" (<MOD>). Normally it is trivially simple to work out what mods are in which folders but if you can't work it out try looking at the names of the maps in the <MOD>\maps\ directory.


  5. Install Metamod


  6. Install Admin Mod


  7. Add Admin Mod to the Metamod plugins.ini

    Open the file <MOD>\addons\metamod\plugins.ini in a plain text editor


    Save the file. close the file


  8. Edit your Admin Mod config file

    See: Setting up your Admin Mod config file


  9. Edit your users.ini file

    See: Setting up your users.ini file


  10. Edit your plugin.ini file

    See: Setting up your plugin.ini file


  11. Set up any other files you may need

    if you know that you need one or more of these files then you should read the relevant sections linked to below. If you don't know what these files are for then you probably don't need them yet so you should move on to the next step.



  12. Backup your liblist.gam file

    It is always a good idea to have a backup of the liblist.gam file in case things go badly and you need to revert to a normal server without MetaMod enabled.

    Copy the file <MOD>\liblist.gam to <MOD>\AdminMod_backup_of_liblist.gam


  13. Edit your liblist.gam

    If you did not stop your server at the begining of this guide then do so now.


    Save the file and exit the editor.


  14. Restart the server

    Admin Mod and MetaMod are now installed and enabled. When you start the server it will load MetaMod, MetaMod will load Admin Mod and the server will then continue as normal.



Configuration of access levels, users accounts, name reservations and other features are explained elsewhere in this documentation. This guide leaves you only with Admin Mod installed and working, the rest is up to you. We strongly reccomend that you read the rest of this manual thoroughly before you proceed to try and use Admin Mod.