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AScript News


A new plugin and an updated one 25.03.2006

After promising Br5dy for weeks to publish it, here is his latest plugin:

plugin_planned_shutdown (scheduled server shutdown)

Furthermore, Whiteman told me that there is a bug in the CW Creator 3 which prevents admin_war_switch from working:

plugin_cw_creator3 (admin_war_switch fix)

Like always, have fun!

-[ Black Knight ]-

2 new plugins plus a fixed one 06.12.2005

Thank god, something new today. At last...

I got two new plugins and a fixed one for you:

New: Fixed: That's it for this time. Have fun!

-[ Black Knight ]-

Some updates, especially plugin_CS 08.09.2005

At last, I took the time to upload updates to some plugins.

As you might have noticed, the commands admin_t/admin_ct weren't working anymore since one of the recent steam updates. Sir Drink a lot had changed the related code anyway. So, we can provide an updated version of plugin_CS. Get it here:


Furthermore I got updates to two custom plugins.
First of all, Sir Drink a lot updated plugin_sank_sounds. The punish command for overusing the sound plugin was not working correctly and he increased the maximum keywords to 200.

Secondly, I got an update to plugin_teleport from Bahrmanou. One can now allow teleport per user, add a delay between "posme", use shortcuts for chat use, use default, if no possound.cfg is present, use an info function and en/disable per map teleport.

Last but not least, I updated the documentation to plugin_bk_cron.

That's it! Have fun.

-[ Black Knight ]-

Pluginupdate 10.05.2005

I had to make a small update for the plugin bk_res. Sorry for the mistake... :-)

The problem was that you were able to work with the plugin fine from the server console, but in the client console you ran into access level problems which are solved now. Sorry, I just tested in the server console (too lazy to login).

The update can be found in the plugins section as usual.

-[ Black Knight ]-

Late, late, late... 11.04.2005

Well, well, well... Sorry Footy, almost forgot your submission. Ok guys, here you get 2 new plugins and an updated one. And guess what, I wrote one of them. Cannot remember, when I wrote the last one...

New plugins:

Valve included a method of downloading files apart of the map file. This was developed, so wad files or other map specific files could be downloaded from the server to the client at mapchange.
Due to it's purpose res files are completely map specific which means that there is no default res file which is valid for all maps.
A lot of plugins for admin mod or other metamod plugins use custom sounds. These should be downloaded on every map. So you had to edit ALL res files which is a heck of a work, especially if you have a lot of maps. Installation of plugins which use custom files is therefore extremely time-consuming.
The idea was to create a plugin, which creates those res files automatically.

- Creates res files
- Includes map specific files in the res file (needed on a specific map)
- Includes globally used files in the res file (needed on all maps)
- Includes files passed from plugins in the res file (needed on all maps)

2. plugin_stopreconnect
This plugin stops players from constantly disconnecting, and reconnecting.
admin_reconnect <on/off>
this turns the reconnection plugin on or off.


plugin_record (Track chat and admin command usage)
Some commands were missing and are now included

Have fun!

-[ Black Knight ]-

2 brand new plugins 30.01.2005

Well, I got 2 brand new plugins via the plugin email account, which you might find interesting.

1. plugin_frag
I had the admin plugin for 1 hour before deciding to write my own plugin and was done by the next day.
Really basic plugin just to display the amount of kills you have made.
Main features:
Display frags value for user (bind to a shortcut key to save clicking tab in the middle of a round)

2. plugin_mintolive
This plugin will allow you to limit to amount of minutes non-members can play on your server per day. This script is extremely useful to not kill a server 100% by just making it members only.

Thx guys for making them.
And for the rest: Have fun!

-[ Black Knight ]-

Emptied email account 20.01.2005

At last I could find some time adding some more plugins. This is the rest from our plugin email account and some pretty new ones. There are some more updates to some plugins, which I haven't added, but some could be obsolete.
So what comes next apart of the updates? There are some plugins sites on the net, from which I haven't added all plugins, there is our forum and of course I have to work on my own plugins as well. So, you see, there will be much more added.
And btw, please send us your plugins.

New: Updated: That's it for this time. Have fun!

-[ Black Knight ]-

Van Ludwigs (ejl) plugins updated and added 04.12.2004

Sorry, it took quite long for the next addition. Unfortunately, real life has been quite time consuming and still is (hmmm unfortunately?). Well anyway, this time you find 6 updated plugins and 2 newly added ones from Ludwig van, who quitted programming for admin mod and made a lot for amxmod. Due to his anger in regard to the steam program he completely stopped programming and took his plugins from the internet. But he was so kind to give them to me. So, you can at least use his plugins. Thank you!

New: Updated: That's it for this time. Have fun!

-[ Black Knight ]-



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